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ProGrip Grip Socks - WHITE Grip Socks for Sport | Football | Rugby | Golf | Lacrosse | Hockey | Basketball | Tennis

ProGrip Grip Socks - WHITE Grip Socks for Sport | Football | Rugby | Golf | Lacrosse | Hockey | Basketball | Tennis

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Introducing the #1 Durable Grip Sock Worldwide | Elevate Your Performance with the Next Generation Grip Technology.

Experience peak performance with the ProGrip V2 anti-slip grip sock, meticulously designed to enhance your athletic prowess. This cutting-edge grip sock features revolutionary anti-slip technology on its sole, eradicating any foot-to-shoe movement. Tailored to excel in football/soccer and a range of sports, the ProGrip V2 sets a new standard for grip-enhancing gear.

Why Choose Our Grip Socks?

• Elevate your game by preventing unwanted foot slippage within your footwear using the ProGrip grip sock.

• Embrace unrivaled comfort with the first-of-its-kind seamless stitching that eliminates discomfort and blisters.

• Amplify agility with heightened stability during quick directional changes.

• Safeguard against ankle and knee injuries through enhanced stability, minimizing risks.

• Uncompromising durability, remarkable comfort, and supreme moisture absorption with integrated toweling, delivering unparalleled stability and traction.

• Precision-engineered anatomical silicone grip design for each foot, optimizing power transfer.

Experience the future of grip-enhancing technology with the ProGrip V2 grip sock. Elevate your performance, stride confidently, and redefine your athletic boundaries.


Shipping & Returns

30 Day Returns on all products.

Care Instructions

The more you care for your Grip Socks the longer they will keep you feeling gripped and secure. Follow the instructions below to ensure you get optimum performance from your grip socks:

1. Always turn your Grip Socks inside out before washing them (Ideal if you have a washing bag to protect them from hard objects)

2. Use a gentle cycle. No more than 30 degrees C.

3. Line Dry or you can pop them in a Low Heat Dryer

4. Do not bleach or iron your Grip Socks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 461 reviews
Good socks, extra grip up the back was nice

The grip up the back was nice, and they felt really the second wear as they did the first.

Akeem Welch

Perfect product, just like described, arrived earlier than expected.

Claude Herzog

Very special.

Emmitt Sauer

The product is the same as I ordered well

Samir Spencer