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Performance Bundle Grip Socks - 3 Pairs

Performance Bundle Grip Socks - 3 Pairs

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The #1 Durable Grip Sock In The World.

The 'Performance Bundle' gives you 3 pairs of ProGrip socks at a great saver price.

The ProGrip V2 is a anti slip grip sock designed to maximize your performance. The anti-slip technology on the sole of the sock eliminates all movement between the foot and the shoe, making it perfect for football/soccer and other sports.

Why our grip socks?

• Prevent your feet from slipping and sliding in your footwear
• The first seamless stitch grip sock, meaning no annoying material bumps in the sock, and more importantly, no more blisters
• Improved stability when changing direction
• Reduced risk of ankle and knee injuries due to increased stability
• Highly durable and still super comfortable with added toweling for maximum moisture absorption and comfort, whilst not compromising on stability and traction

• Anatomically designed anti slip silicone for each foot for improved power transfer


Shipping & Returns

30 Day Returns on all products.

Care Instructions

The more you care for your Grip Socks the longer they will keep you feeling gripped and secure. Follow the instructions below to ensure you get optimum performance from your grip socks:

1. Always turn your Grip Socks inside out before washing them (Ideal if you have a washing bag to protect them from hard objects)

2. Use a gentle cycle. No more than 30 degrees C.

3. Line Dry or you can pop them in a Low Heat Dryer

4. Do not bleach or iron your Grip Socks

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